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Tertiary Progression [Astro*Index]

A method of progression whereby one day is set equal to a lunar period.

Three lunar periods are in current use: The tropical lunar month (27.32158 days), the sidereal lunar month (27.32166 days), and the synodic lunar month (29.53059 days). Thus, 300 days after birth correspond to 300 lunar periods into a person's life, or, depending on the period used, about 22.5 years (for the first two) or 24.25 years (for the third) after birth.

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Tertiary Progression [Prima]

One of several methods of progression.

Tertiary progressions are day-for-a-month progressions based on a symbolic correspondence between one rotational cycle of the Earth on its own axis (one mean solar day) and one orbit of the Moon around the Earth (one sidereal lunar month). Thus the positions of the planets 22 days after birth will symbolically relate to conditions in the life 22 lunar months after birth.

Since tertiary progressions are based on a lunar cycle, the information derived from them is likely to be influenced by the nurturing needs and emotional security concerns traditionally associated with the Moon.

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Tertiary Progression [Munkasey M.]

A form of predictive astrology which equatesthe planetary motions contained in the days after a person's birth to the forces which will he encountered in the corresponding Lunar month. E.g., the 17th day after birth is equal to the 17th Lunar month of life, etc.

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Tertiary Regression [Astro*Index]

The converse of tertiary progression, in which each successive day in the ephemeris prior to birth is as a successive lunar period in an individual's life.

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