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Strictures Against Judgment [Astro*Index]

Horary Astrology.

Rules by which horary astrologers determine whether a horary chart is radical or "fit to be judged." There are four main strictures. Horary astrologers generally interpret them as cautions rather than as indications that a question cannot or should not be answered.

1/When the Ascendant is in the very early or very late degrees of a sign, generally the first or last three, especially when that sign is one of short ascension, the astrologer is warned that the question may either be premature (early Ascendant) or too late to effect any change in the situation (late Ascendant).
2/When the Moon is void of course, the astrologer is warned that perhaps nothing can be done about the question, that it is moot, and not necessarily for ill. A void-of- course Moon in Gemini, Scorpio, or Capricorn is said to be especially iffy (Capricorn is the detriment of the Moon, Scorpio the fall, and Gemini the fall of the south lunar node. A void-of-course Moon has power to function in Taurus (the Moon's exaltation), Cancer (the Moon's rulership), Sagittarius (exaltation of the Moon's south lunar node), and Pisces [?Rulership = Moon's ruler's exaltation? — stretching it]
3/The Moon in the Via Combusta or "burning way," a region of the zodiac from 15° Libra to 15° Scorpio presumed to "burn up" the querent's hopes; many modern horary astrologers pay little attention to this stricture. There is one spot of refuge for the Moon within the Via Combusta: Spica with its sister star Arcturus.
4/Saturn in the seventh house or the horary chart or either Capricorn or Aquarius on the cusp of the seventh; the seventh rules counselors, including horary astrologers, and Saturn's presence there presumably renders the astrologer's skills temporarily shortsighted or cursory. Other strictures, traditionally regarded with less caution, include: þ Moon in a late degree (while not void of course), especially when in gemini, Scorpio, or Capricorn. þ Saturn retrograde in the first house: doesn't auger well for the querent. þ Ruler of the seventh house afflicted: astrologer's judgment afflicted too. þ The ruler of the Ascendant is combust: the querent is anxious and may not have given the astrologer too little information to go on.


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