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Spatial 3-D Form [Prima]

Displays a 3-dimensional celestial sphere showing the positions of the planets for the current chart. The sphere can be oriented to emphasize the plane of the ecliptic, the equator, or the horizon and can also be rotated on the axis of that plane to change the user's point of view.

When not serving as the main plane of reference, the ecliptic appears as a dotted yellow line. As with all markings, the more brightly colored portion of the ecliptic (containing bold red zodiac signs) defines the half that is closer to the viewer, in contrast to the softer, fainter colors used to define details on the far side of the sphere. When not the featured plane of reference, the equator also appears as a dotted white line circling the sphere.

Ctrl-A produces aspect lines between the planets, and selection of the "Rising" feature presents a moving diagram in which the planets and signs can be seen literally to rise and fall at one-hour intervals (indicated on the screen in Greenwich time) with respect to the horizon.

For each option, the user can also define the "view angle" by rotating the sphere (on the axis of the focal plane) in 30° increments, either by selecting the appropriate sign of the zodiac (when the eclip- tic is the emphasized plane) or its corresponding degree of longitude (Taurus=30°, Gemini=60°, etc.) to define the amount of rotation desired. For each point of view, the directional position of the featured plane (relative to its 0° point) is indi- cated by the zodiac symbol showing in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.


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