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Southern Hemisphere [Astro*Index]

The charts of those born south of the Earth's equator.

A Table of Houses which has been prepared for the northern hemisphere may be used to compute an astrological chart for the southern hemisphere, using the following procedure: Add 12h to the LST (Local Sidereal Time) and use the same numerical value of the given Geographic Latitude; interpolate the longitudes of the house cusps from the Table of Houses; then, add 180° to the values thus derived.

This rule is suitable for all known House Systems, and is derived from the symmetrical relations which result from the trigonometric definitions for each House System. Seasons in the northern and southern hemispheres occur at different times of the year. Northern Summer and Southern Winter begin on or about JUN 21. Sun- sign delineations (in both Tropical and Sidereal zodiacs) have been derived for persons born in the northern hemisphere. An unresolved question among astrological researchers is whether such delineations may also be applied to persons born in the southern hemisphere, or whether one should expect a "6-month" shift in such applications. Some writers have, therefore, suggested that Sun-in-Aries for northern births might have the same effect as Sun-in-Libra for southern births. And, if such a shift were to be observed for the Sun, would a similar shift be required for the Moon and planets? This is a most serious question for astrologers; its resolution could shed much insight into possible causal factors relating to astrology.

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