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Sinister [Prima]

[Latin sinister - left-hand or unlucky side].

Sinister means "on the left-hand side." A sinister aspect is one in which the faster planet is waning, applying, or decreasing in light with respect to the slower one. The faster (applying) planet is casting its rays forward to the left (sinister) in forming the aspect, because the more ponderous planet lies to its left, as viewed from the Earth. Lilly says "Dexter Aspects are contrary to the succession of Signs, Sinister in order as they follow one another."

With sinister aspects, the rays of the faster planet are said to flow counterclockwise around the wheel to reach the slower planet.

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Sinister [DeVore]

A left-handed aspect – not, however, with reference to the proper motion of the aspecting body, but to its apparent motion. v. Dexter.

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