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3 articles for "Sextile"

Sextile [Prima]

One of the major aspects. One sixth of the circle of the zodiac.

The sextile is an harmonious aspect. It brings opportunity and indicates cooperation. It shows where luck can be gained through action. Opportunity or help; a positive potential.

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Sextile [DeVore]

A 60° aspect (q.v.).

A body sextiles another toward which it is approaching from a distance of from 53° to 60°

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Sextile Aspect [Astro*Index]

Partile aspect with angular separation of 60°. One of the major or Ptolemaic aspects. Traditionally a soft aspect. Unites signs of same polarity. The sixth harmonic. Assigned an orb of about 2 to 5 degrees. Signifies a focusing prior to polarization in a cycle of relationship; a complete compatibility of two energies; perfection, internal integrity.

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