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Quotidians [Munkasey M.]

A form of Secondary Progressions which uses the rotation of the Earth in part of its computations.

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Quotidian Progressions [Astro*Index]

There are two types. Both are sidereal techniques that require that the natal chart for which they are done be calculated using the sidereal zodiac. The first type is a kind of secondary progression in which a sidereal day (23h56m04.09054s/366.242 days per year) in the ephemeris is said to be represent a sidereal year (365.25636 days). The second type is computed still in the sidereal zodiac but using a tropical day (365.242 days per year).

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Quotidian Progressions [Prima]

One of several methods of progressions.

This is a type of "day for a year" progression with one sidereal cycle involved, of which there are two methods of calculation (both offered by PRIMA):

Quotidian 1:
Based on the formula:   1 sidereal day = 1 tropical year
(slightly quicker than secondary progressions)

Quotidian 2:
Based on the formula:   1 mean solar day = 1 sidereal year
(slightly slower than secondary progressions)

While measurements based on the solar day and tropical year traditionally relate to mundane matters, sidereal measurements (made in terms of the earth's relationship to the stars outside our solar system) introduce a "cosmic" dimension into the symbolic "day for a year" equation. With quotidian-1 progressions, the cosmic conditions present immedia- tely following birth reflect their imprint on mun- dane developments in the individual's life at the corresponding years, while quotidian-2 progressions symbolically reflect the influence of the mundane life on the individual's cosmic awareness and the place of the individual in the Universal Process.

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