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Quadrant [Astro*Index]

Strictly, a 90°-segment. In a given House System, the term is applied to the four sections formed by the divisions of the 10-4 and 1-7 cusps. Also used to describe the quadrisection of the zodiac, with Aries-Libra as one axis and Capricorn-Cancer as the other.

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Quadrant [DeVore]

The four quarters of the Celestial Figure, representative of the four quarters of the heavens, measured from the cusps of the four angular Houses. The oriental quadrants consist of Houses X to XII inclusive, and IV to VI inclusive. The occidental quad- rants, of Houses I to Ill inclusive, and VII to IX inclusive. If applied to the Zodiac the oriental quadrants arc from Aries to Gemini and from Libra to Sagittarius inclusive, the occidental quadrants consisting of the opposite Signs. Confusion will be avoided if the term be applied only to the Houses of the geocentric Figure. v. Oriental.

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