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Prorogator [Astri*Index]

A term used by Ptolemy in his method of progression or direction. It is a basically a form of semi-arcs. The prorogator refers to the planet or body to be directed, and prorogation to the method. Placidus applied the then newly discovered methods of spherical trigonometry of the 17th century to this system, and created Primary Directions.

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Prorogator [DeVore]

A term used by Ptolemy in connection with a method of direction, effected by proportion of horary times — semi-arcs. One must distinguish between the Prorogator, the body directed and the Prorogation or method by which it is directed. The Prorogator is the Apheta or Life Giver, in contrast to the Anareta. By day and in aphetical places, the Sun holds the position of Prorogator; by night the Moon. (v. "Hyleg.")

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