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Proportional Arcs [DeVore]

Additional sensitive degrees proposed by Sepharial on the theory that each planet has a point of influence at the same distance on the opposite side of the radical Sun, Moon, Ascendant and M.C. Thus the p.a. of Venus in 19°, Aries to the Sun in 5° Aries falls upon 21° Pisces where its influence would be felt when a New Moon falls thereon, or the directional Moon or transit of any planet. Each planet has a p.a. to the Ascendant and M.C., making 9 points; also 8 points each for the Sun and Moon, a total of 34. When the influence of the planet is thus brought out it supposedly brings into activity the affairs of the House in which the arc falls. It is an extension of the theory of Converse Directions.

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