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Profections [Astro*Index]

A term used by Ptolemy to indicate the successive rising of signs, hence of the sun and other significators, at the rate of one sign per year, or 2°30'/month.

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Profections [DeVore]

A term used by Ptolemy to indicate the successional rising of the Signs, hence of the Sun and other Significators, at the rate of one Sign per year, or 2° 30' per month. First study the rules for determining the Hyleg, or hylegiacal degree. With that located advance it 30° for each year. Bearing in mind that the year from your third to your fourth birthday is your fourth year, proceed as follows: Assume a Protectional Figure for the year beginning on your 27th birthday with the Hyleg at Pisces 15°. 28 Signs minus 24 – two circles – equals 4 Signs, hence the annual Profection extends from Cancer 15° to Leo 15°. The Moon and the Sun thus become the chronocrators for the 28th year. v. Directions.

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