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Pallas [Astro*Index]

One of the four largest asteroids. Some astrological authors have associated it with politics and government.

See also: ♦ Juno
Pallas [Prima]

One of the four largest asteroids, it is named after Pallas, or in Greek, Athena. Originally the virgin aspect of the triple goddess found in many of the world's ancient cultures, she became the goddess of wisdom and culture, patron goddess and defender of Athens, and a warrior goddess.

According to Greek myth, Metis (pregnant with Athena) was swallowed by Jupiter so he might give birth to an heir without the aid of his wife Hera (Juno), who refused to bear his offspring. Athena was born from the head of Zeus (Jupiter), full grown and dressed in armour.

Keywords:   politics and government
strategies to win approval
fight for causes, justice
defending the underdog
approval of father figures
success in the male world
career orientation
creative intellect
women's-rights issues
the struggle to get in touch with one's feminine side


See also: ♦ Juno


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