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4 articles for "Nodal Degree"

Nodal Degree [Astro*Index]

Horary Astrology.

A planet in the same degree as, irrespective of sign or rounding, as the Moon's mean nodes. Significators in a nodal degree is said to signify a fateful event, that is, something about the situation is beyond control. Authorities differ as to how malefic this influence is.

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Nodal Line [Astro*Index]

Also called Line of Nodes. The line connecting the north and south nodes, form by the intersection of the orbital plane of the body with a specified reference plane (usually the Ecliptic).

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Nodal Period [Astro*Index]

Elapsed time between two successive passages of a body through the same nodal point in its orbit.

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Nodal Period [Munkasey M.]

The time that it takes a body to move in its orbit from one ascending or North Node conjunction to the next.

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