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Neptune [Astro*Index] Neptune Glyph

Planet orbiting the sun between Uranus and Pluto. When Pluto is at perihelion, Neptune is farther from the sun than Pluto is. Key words: Solutions and solving, embracing, encompassing, receptivity, acceptance, comprehend and enfold, suspension, inner vision.

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Neptune [Prima] Neptune Glyph

One of the 10 major planets.

Ruler of Pisces.

Idealism, imagination, spirituality, compassion.

Visions, inspiration, impressionability, sensitivity, vulnerability, confusion, nebulousness.

Dreams, illusions, mediums, mystics, fine arts (e.g. poetry, music), pretense, deception, fog, the sea, oils, photography, films, chemicals, poison.

Believes "all is one" — very spiritual; the idealistic, romantic type who is sensitive, compassionate, receptive and open to sub-conscious influences; imaginative, artistic, or inspired; one who is surrounded by an aura of mystery.

In the business chart: Matters of the houses Neptune occupies or rules often reflect some deep faith or spiritual orientation; water or plumbing problems on company premises (4th house); chemical, pollution or poisoning issues; photography and advertising.

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Neptune [DeVore]

v. Planets.

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