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Natural Day [DeVore]

v. Day.

See also:
♦ Day
Natural Gradation House System [Astro*Index]
	    E x a m p l e:
	    Given that:
	      obl = +23.45°
	      LAT = +37.00°
	      ST  = 07:32:00 = 113.00°

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♦ House System
Natural House [Astro*Index]

House rulership by sign employing the natural order of the signs, beginning with Aries and the first house and ending with Pisces and the twelfth house. Natal astrologers use natural houses as a kind of modern dignity.

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♦ Order of The Signs
Natural Sign [Astro*Index]

The sign which is the natural ruler of a house. The natural order of the signs is employed, beginning with Aries ruling the first house.

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♦ Order of The Signs


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