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Naibod Arc [Astro*Index]

A fixed arc used in directions equal to the mean daily motion of the sun, 59 degrees 8 minutes.

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Naibod Directions [Prima]

One of several types of direction.

A type of solar-arc direction based on the mean diurnal motion of the Sun or Naibod arc (named after its developer, Valentine Naibod) of 59'08" (0.98564733°). The arc of direction (calculated by multiplying the Naibod arc by the age of the individual) is applied equally to all planets in the chart.

A symbolic link has long been recognized between the Sun's daily and yearly movements. When it comes to the question of directions, however, astrologers have differed as to the proper "solar arc" to use, since the Sun's rate of travel around the zodiac, while approximately 1° per day, is slightly less than this in summer and slightly more in winter. Use of Sun's average or mean diurnal motion, as proposed by Naibod, is one such solution. Like all measurements based on the Sun, the chart developments thus produced can be said to be relevant to issues concerning the growth of personal consciousness, individuality and selfesteem.

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Naibod's Table of Times [DeVore]

(For calculating an arc of direction.)

Determine the Right Ascension of the bodies and subtract, to yield the length of the arc in degrees and minutes. Then reduce to time, counting each degree equal to 1y 5d 8h, and each minute of arc equal to 6d 4h. v. Directions.

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