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Mundo Directions [Prima]

A table of dates derived by symbolically converting (at a rate of 1° per year) the arc between a planet's actual position in the sky and its position on either the meridian (MC-IC), the horizon (ASC-DSC), or the prime vertical (VRTX-AVTX). (Note: Since each planet describes an arc of 360° (i.e. 360 years) during a single rotation of the earth, contact dates for some planet-angle combinations don't appear because they fall outside the feature's 100-year time frame.)

You should interpret these directions by combining the symbolic significance of the planet and angle involved in each contact. Thus a Venus-ASC contact can be seen as a time when one's personality or manner of outward expression (ASC) will be conditioned by the social and aesthetic qualities of Venus – by engaging in cooperative or artistic activities, for example.



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