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Lowell Percival [Astro*Index]

(1855-1916) American astronomer. Born at Boston, MA; died at Flagstaff, AZ.

In his youth, he was interested in mathematics and astronomy, and was stimulated by Schiaparelli's reports of `canals' on Mars. In 1894, he established the Lowell Observatory, in Arizona, in time to observe Mars at its close approach. For 15 years, he studied and photographed Mars, pursuing the canal theory. After the discovery of Neptpune by Leverrier and J.C. Adams, the motion of Uranus still departed from theory. Lowell sought an explanation in another planet beyond Neptune, which he called Planet X. Unsuccessful in his search, it was not until 14 years after his death that Tombaugh discovered the planet; it was named Pluto, and its symbol bears the initials of Percival Lowell.

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