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Lord [Astro*Index]

A traditional term often used synonymously with ruler. Examples: With Aries rising, Mars is lord of the first house; with Libra culminating, Venus is lord (or lady) of the tenth house (in most house systems). It is often extended to include such figures as lord of the hour, lord of the chart, etc.


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Lord [DeVore]

Often used synonymously with Ruler. More precise terminology would indicate the Ruler of a Sign and the Lord of a House. Thus a certain planet may be deemed Lord of a House, either because it is posited in the House, or, lacking any planet in the House, because it is the Ruler of the Sign appearing on the cusp thereof. The Lord of the Geniture would be more precisely termed the Ruler of the Figure, meaning that planet having the most Dignities, either Essential or Accidental. The Lord of the Hour is that planet which is presumed to govern the hour during which the Figure was cast. The Lord of the Year is that planet which has the most Dignities in a Solar Revolution Figure, or in an Ingress figure to be interpreted according to the rules of Mundane Astrology.


Lord of the Year

In an ingress Figure judgment is formed on the basis of its position and aspects, especially such aspects as it forms with the Moon. Well placed, it is interpreted as follows; but afflicted, the reverse is prognosticated.

Sun: Propitious for governments and high governmental officers; food plentiful; money in rapid circulation.

Moon: Favors the advancement of women; contributes to the contentment of the common people; good health to the honest and upright.

Mercury: Advances in science and education; favors the development of inventions; prosperity to merchants and traders. Afflicted: changes, reversals of policy.

Venus: Increased leisure for self-advancement and recreation of the laboring classes; arts and artists will flourish; increased birth rate. Afflicted: epidemics.

Mars: Advancement in accident prevention and safety of workers; protection to those in hazardous occupations. Afflicted: wars, fires, storms, strikes.

Jupiter: Prosperity to the upper classes; constructive legislation; abundance and a contented populace with respect for law.

Saturn: Increased construction; propitious to agriculture; class amity. Afflicted: cold; scarcity; mortality among the old; national calamities.


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