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Lockyer, Sir Joseph Norman [Astro*Index]

(1836-1920) Born at Rugby, Warwickshire; died at Salcombe Regis, Devonshire.

The first to study the spectra of sunspots, he demonstrated that the spectra of solar prominences could observed by passing light from the edge of the solar disk through a prism, thus permitting daily observations of such spectra, rather than only at solar eclipses. Janssen, observing a total eclipse in India, made an announcement of the same discovery on the same day. Janssen found a line in the solar spectrum which he did not recognize, and advised Lockyer of its presence; Lockyer assumed the line was due to a chemical element present on the Sun, but as yet undiscovered on Earth, and named the element Helium. His writings on ancient Egyptian megaliths are of particular value to astrologers, as they demonstrate the evolution of both religious and astronomical practices over many centuries. In particular, the alignment of the temple axes and the Pedjeshes ceremony (Stretching of the Cord) played a major role in uncovering the secrets of Egytian astrological practices.


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