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Kiddinu [Astro*Index]

(BC340-?) Babylonian astronomer.

Born in Babylonia, he became chief of the school of astronomy at the city of Sippar. The works of Strabo and Pilny refer to him under the names Kidenas, or Cidenas. His methods for computing the motion of the Moon and planets were complex and did not require that the bodies move at constant velocities (as did the later Greeks), with the consequence that better approximation were obtained. He was aware of the Precession of the Equinox, and his solar and lunar tables (which were sent to Aristotle by Callisthenes) served to introduce this topic to Greek astronomers, and ultimately to lead Hipparchus to refine the concept. Fagan researched Kidinnu and Naburiannu in his effort to determine a precise fiducial point for the zodiac.


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