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3 articles for "Jupiter"

Jupiter [Astro*Index] Jupiter Glyph

The fifth planet from the sun.

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Jupiter [Prima] Jupiter Glyph

One of the 10 major planets.

Ruler of Sagittarius.

Expansion, growth, benevolence. Increase, confidence, generosity, magnanimity, protection, excess, joviality. Abundance, religion, truth, faith, luck, protection, justice, success, honor, good fortune. Open-minded, liberal, generous, cheerful and opti- mistic; a good samaritan; one who enjoys exploration and adventure; luck and opportunity.

In the business chart: Unless very poorly aspected, Jupiter almost always bodes well for matters of the houses it occupies or rules. It also symbolizes travel, transportation, or legal involvement with these house matters.

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Jupiter-Saturn Blend [Astro*Index]

Sometimes used in vocational astrology as a indicator of how organizational ability (Saturn) combines with success (Jupiter). Usually considered with regard to sign; for example, Jupiter in Gemini shows diversity and eclecticism form a part of a successful life; Saturn in Taurus adds a conservative streak. Ideally, the blend is the right balance of "playing the field" and caution.

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