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Judgment of Sickness by Astrology [Astro*Index]

A chart (called a decumbiture chart) can be cast for the time a person falls ill or for the time of a horary concerning the outcome of the illness. The nature and course of the illness is read from the chart. The chart can be cast for one of three moments, listed here in order of preference:

  1. The moment the patient first "lies down" with the illness (decumbiture), not (in the words of Lilly) "that moment when first the Patient felt a smatch of it, but that very time when first he was so ill, or so extrealy oppressed, that he was enforced to take his Bed, or to repose."
  2. If the time cannot be ascertained, Lilly says "the time when the sick parties Urine was first carried to somebody, to enquire of the Disease, whether the party enquired of was Physitian or not," is the time for which the chart is cast. Today this is presumably equivalent to calling a doctor.
  3. If this is not possible, "let the Physitian take the time of his owne first speaking with, or access to the patient."

The following factors relevant to a general interpretation of sickness in the chart:

  1. The strength, condition, last previous and next aspect of the rulers of the first and sixth houses, plus the same for planets in either house. Lilly presents a table of parts of the body associated with all planet and sign combinations. The part of the body represented by the sign on the cusp of the 1st or 6th house is an indication of the location of the illness. For example, Leo rising may indicate a heart condition.
  2. The sign, house position, last previous and next aspects of the Moon; the house ruled by a planet in bad aspect to the Moon. From these, "you may then descend to give judgment in what part of the body the sick party is grieved, and of what nature and quality the Sicknesses if of, or what humour is most predominant and peccant."


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