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3 articles for "Intercepted"

Intercepted [DeVore]

Said of a Sign wholly contained within, a House; or more precisely, of a House which is intercepted by a Sign which does not appear upon either of its cusps. v. House.

Intercepted Planet [Astro*Index]

A planet that lies in an intercepted sign. In horary astrology, an intercepted planet is said to be less free to act.

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Intercepted Sign [Astro*Index]

A zodiacal sign (Tropical or Sidereal) whose 30°-extent along the Ecliptic is wholly contained within the House Circles which define a house (in a specific House System). In other words, the same sign appears on the cusps of two adjacent houses; the opposite sign appears on the opposite cusps; and three houses from each a sign and its opposite are "skipped." Signs of short ascension are more most often intercepted (Capricorn through Gemini in the northern hemisphere, their opposite signs in the southern hemisphere). Even though interception is an artifact of the geometrical definition of a House, some writers, notably Joan McEvers, have successfully assigned it delineative qualities.

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