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(B.C.2980-2950) Egyptian scientist.

Born near Memphis, was architect of the first Egyptian pyramid, the Step Pyramid at Sakkara, built for the Pharoah Zoser. His powers of healing were so well known, that his tomb became a shine, to which people came in search of cures. The only known Egyptian, other than pharoahs, to be deified, he was identified as the god of Medicine and the son of the great god Ptah. He advised Zoser after a 7-year famine, which was caused by a 7-year failure of the annual flooding of the Nile. (The Hebrew story of Joseph bears striking parallels.) During his short lifetime of some 30 years, he is credited with the introduction of a phonetic alphabet, the teaching of astrology, astronomy, mathematics, and many other sciences. Even if he had been skilled in only one of the lengthy list of accomplishments attributed to him, he was clearly a genius and the first known scientist.


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