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Gutenberg, Johann [Astro*Index]


(1398?-1468) German inventor.

Two major inventions are his: Moveable interchangable type; and the printing press. In 1454, he began the effort of printing the Bible in Latin. Consisting of 1282 pages in double columns with 42 lines to the page, the 300 copies of the Gutenberg Bibles were, actually, not printed by Gutenberg as a result of losing a lawsuit. Martin Luther's rebellion against the Church was, in no small part, made successful with the aid of printing press which was used to broadcast his controversial pamphlets. The Scientific Revolution which followed owes a great debt to his two inventions.

Astrologers should note that the popularity of the Placidian Tables of Houses is due, principally, to the arrival of the printing press. (Regiomontanus and Campanus House Tables were already in use, but had arrived before the invention of the printing press.)


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