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Graphic Ephemeris [Astro*Index]

A diagram in which the motions of the planets over a given period of time, usually a year, are represented as lines on a graph. Space is usually measured on the vertical axis, and time is usually measured along the horizontal axis. A graphic ephmeris offers immediacy, a "year at a glace" understanding of the planets' contacts with each other and with a natal chart, considered as a whole. One can quickly see how transit activity masses or thins, creating "busy" or "slack" periods in a person's life. Graphic ephemerides patterned after harmonic dials reveal specific kinds of aspects.


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Graphic Ephemeris [Prima]

An ephemeris in which the movements of the planets are shown as lines plotted on a graph. The time span of the graph is indicated across the top, and the planet paths normally slope diagonally down from left to right. The pitch of each path reflects that planet's rate of travel (the faster the travel, the steeper the slope), with retrograde motion causing a line to swing back toward the top of the graph.

The principal advantage of the graphic ephemeris is that it lets one see at a glance when aspects will occur among the planets during the time period under investigation. Aspects are indicated whenever two (or more) planet lines intersect, but the type of aspect being shown will depend on the harmonic of the graph. For example, an 8th-harmonic (45°) ephemeris indicates all 0°, 45°, 90°, 135° and 180° aspects.

As with other time search 380 features for any point on the graph, you may access coordinate-table, sign and house-wheel pop-ups.


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