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Glyph [Astro*Index]

[Gr. glyphe, carved work; glyphein, to carve]

A written symbol that conveys prescribed information nonverbally. Any of the symbols used by astrologers to indicate the planets and signs.


Planets Signs
SunSun Glyph AriesAries Glyph
MercuryMercury Glyph TaurusTaurus Glyph
VenusVenus Glyph GeminiGemini Glyph
EarthEarth Glyph CancerCancer Glyph
MarsMars Glyph LeoLeo Glyph
JupiterJupiter Glyph VirgoVirgo Glyph
SaturnSaturn Glyph LibraLibra Glyph
UranusUranus Glyph ScorpioScorpio Glyph
NeptuneNeptune Glyph SagittariusSagittarius Glyph
PlutoPluto Glyph CapricornCapricorn Glyph
AquariusAquarius Glyph
PiscesPisces Glyph


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