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Geodetic Chart [Astro*Index]

One of the relocational techniques used in mundane astrology.

The house cusps of the geodetic chart are calculated with respect to the longitude and latitude of the place in question (without using the actual birthtime). Each degree of geographic longiude is understood to correspond to a specific degree of the zodiac, which in turn serves as the midheaven of any chart calculated for that degree of longitude. The ASC and intermediary house cusps of the chart are then derived from this midheaven. Three types of geodetic charts: precessed meridian by Edward Johndro (a point that, due to precession, shifts westward approx. 1° every 90 years); – from fixed Greenwich meridian (the Greenwich meridian is always defined as 0° Aries) from fixed user-defined meridian (the user can define any meridian (longitude) as 0° Aries).

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Geodetic Latitude [Astro*Index]

The angle between the celestial equator and the geodetic zenith. Different from astronomical latitude only because of minor differences that exist between the astronomical zenith and the geodetic zenith.

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