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Generality in Astrology [Astro*Index]

Astrology as a counseling and research tool is frequently taken to task for the generality, or nonspecificity, of its judgments. It seems that technical (computational) rigor is one thing, but interpretive rigor is another, and those who strive for the latter are likely to be the least appreciative of what astrology can accomplish. An emphasis on giving the client valuable, practical information characterizes a modern movement seeking to enhance astrology's professionalism. Some authorities are frank about what they feel are astrology's limitations as an empirical tool, and say empiricism is the wrong approach to take, because essentially clincizes the client seeking suggestions for living.

Noel Tyl observes, "Only when a specific sign, specific house, and/or spcific planet is highly prominent can we expect corroboration of significator generalities" (VIII, p. 67). In other words, nothing is quite automatic about a specific planetary configuration.

Many astrologers have begun to treat generality as a virtue, rather than a detriment, in astrology, for it gives the client the flexibility to "inherit" the symbols in a personally meaningful way. What seems to make that process work is if the client can master some kind of self-direction and independent initiative.


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