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Freud, Sigmund [Astro*Index]

(froit, in German; froid in English)

(1856- 1939) Austrian psychiatrist. Born at Freiberg (Pribor, Czechoslovakia); died at London, England.

Born of Jewish parents, his grandfather and great-grandfather were rabbis. In 1887, he introduced a method of treatment using hypnosis, in order to probe the painful memories or embarrassing thoughts which a patient had repressed, but remained stored in the unconscious mind. In the 1890s, he replaced hypnosis with free association, allowing the patient to speak randomly with little guidance. In 1900, he published The Interpretation of Dreams, thus providing still another tool for the study of the subconscious mind. And, in 1905, his theories on infantile sexuality first appeared in print. Freud held that such effects could persist into adult life, and could lead not only to abnormal sexual responses, but could affect other aspects in the life of the adult. From the group of young men who gathered about him, emerged Adler and Jung who eventually founded their own schools. Escaping from the invasion of Austria by Nazi Germany, he spent the last year of his life in London.


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