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Fourth Dimension [DeVore]

The interrelationship of space and time, as developed by contemporary physicists, makes Time the Fourth Dimension of Space. The concept has no immediate application to Astrology, but its comprehension makes more understandable the factors upon which all astrological considerations are based. In occult terminology the Fourth Dimension has to do with internal qualities that when seen in the astral light become visible. It is defined as "the sum of the other three" dimensions; also as "Man's expanding sense of time." In another sense Astrology is the Fourth Dimension of Psychology, in that it alone takes cognizance of the added factor of time.

Fourth House [Prima]

One of the 12 astrological houses.

Sign association: Cancer. The cusp of the fourth house is the Imum Coeli.

Represents emotional roots; the formative period.

That very private part of life where one can be oneself, develop, and -- with the aid of nurture (negative or positive) -- become who one is. The development of the ego boundaries and emotional health that contribute to the formation of the individual.

Home, comfort, security, parent (mother), the parent who represents inner security, conditions of home life, ancestry, real estate, foundations, domestic affairs.

In the business chart: The physical plant, office, or property; investments in land.

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