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Epicurus [Astro*Index]


(BC341-270) Greek philosopher. Born at Samos; died at Athens.

Moved to Athens in BC306, where he founded an extremely popular school (the first to admit women students), and taught his philosophy which is now known as Epicureanism. Accepting as satisfactory the 'atoms' of Democritus to provide a mechanistic explanation of the universe, his philosophy was mechanistic, devoid of the fear of gods and of death, with the highest pleasure regarded as moderate living. His successors redefined his meaning of pleasure, and Epicureanism has become synonymous with hedonism. Virtually nothing remains of nearly 300 works, but 250 years later they influenced the Roman philosopher and poet, Lucretius. The tradition of his school was maintained in an unbroken chain for seven centuries, until Christianity of the late Roman Empire wiped out all pagan philosophies.


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