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Elections [DeVore]

Electional Astrology is a method by which to choose a suitable time for commencing any honestly conceived and reasonable project or endeavor, such as a marriage, journey, law-suit, building operation, engaging in a new business or profession, the reconciling of opponents, drawing up a will, buying land or house, planting a garden, launching a ship, or moving into a new home.

The theory of Elections is a reverse application of Horary procedure in that the latter begins with a Time and works toward a prognosis, while the former begins with a desired prognosis and works toward the selection of a suitable time. The selection of the day, hour and minute must take into account a number of practical, scientific and theoretical considerations, in order to determine the most propitious birth-moment for the project in prospect, after which the actual initiating of action is deferred so that it may be begun on the selected moment. The Figure thus cast, termed the Electional or Inceptional Figure, thereafter becomes a horary figure for the conception of the project, from which to estimate the probable success or failure of the plan, most of the important particulars connected therewith, the high and low tides that will beset its progress, and in general forecast the eventu21 outcome of the project under contemplation. It is presumed to be effective for whatever length of time is required for the carrying out of the project.

To make a reliable Election the following considerations must be observed:

  1. The Nativity of the person for whom the Figure is to be cast should, if the data is obtainable, be diligently studied. All authorities agree that this feature is of paramount importance.
  2. The radical Ascendant, when used for this purpose, should not be moved against the Earth's motion; which is to say, it must be moved clockwise rather than in the order of the Houses. Ptolemy, in the sixth aphorism of his Centiloquy, says: "It is advantageous to make choice of days and of hours at a time well constituted by the Nativity. Should the time be adverse, the choice will in no respect avail, however favorable an issue it may chance to promise."
  3. The Directions concurrently at work in the Nativity should be taken into account, to make sure that the proposed project is not beyond the native's capabilities. No useful purpose can be served by making an Election for a project that is foredoomed to failure.
  4. Attention must be paid to the Sign positions and aspects of the transiting planets before considering the House positions they will occupy in the Election Scheme, since favorable House positions cannot be expected to offset unfavorable sign positions and adverse aspects. Frequently it is found impossible to cast an Election that is even remotely favorable, in that the planets refuse to arrange themselves harmoniously within the time limits at one's disposal. However, should the project be imperative and impossible to defer but otherwise valid, an Election arranged with the available forces at one's command will usually be found better than none at all. Even so, if the Nativity, or the Directions concurrently in force, promise failure, no Ellection, however astutely conceived, can possibly impart success. Therefore, one should not assume that the electional technique is a master-key to success; wealth and happiness. However, in such cases it will often be found impossible to initiate action at the elected time, one obstacle after another entailing delay, until finally the project can be initiated at a more favorable season, with eventual success.
  5. The planet disposing of the project should be free from the adverse rays of the Infortunes-Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto; and, when possible, should tenant its chief Dignity.
  6. No Infortune, nor any planet that is retrograde, combust or otherwise notably debilitated by Sign, degree or aspect, should hold any Angle of the Figure, unless said Infortune happens to dispose of the affair in question, is well dignified, strong by Sign, well disposed toward the other two signs of its Triplicity, largely unafflicted, and as distant as possible from the Luminaries. If it is less than 8" from the Sun, or 12" from the Moon, the project will suffer many hindrances and delays. The parallel of declination has an influence similar to that of a conjunction, and both of these along with the trine aspects constitute the most powerful adjuncts to success. The sextile is notably weaker, while the square and opposition are notably adverse.
  7. By reason of its proximity to the Earth, its reflections of solar light and retransmission of planetary vibrations, and its swiftness as compared to the motions of the planets, the Moon is deemed the most important element in any Electional Figure. Therefore a time must be chosen when the Moon is free from any serious affliction and° – in case the matter is desired to be accomplished quickly° – swift in motion. The nearer its rate of travel is to 15017' per day, as at perigee when nearest to the Earth, the quicker will its influence be manifest. Also it should be increasing in light; i.e., from three days after the lunation to three days before the Full Moon. Care should be exercised that the Moon does not tenant a Cadent House, and all things considered it is desirable that it is not in an Angle. When the lunar motion is less than 13° 11' – hence near its apogee and thus farthest from Earth-its ray is deemed in many respects similar to that of a retrograde planet. When possible, place the luminaries, or at least one of them, in trine to the radical Sun, Moon, Ascendant or its Ruler, of the person for whom the Election is cast. It should be free from affliction, and in a close favorable aspect to transiting Venus, Jupiter, Sun, or still better to the planet disposing of the project under contemplation. Under no circumstances begin a new business when the Moon is radiating adverse aspects or when it is past the Full, however propitious the other testimonies may appear to be. When past the Full, hence decreasing in light, the strength of the Moon is diminishing, and as a result the project will be greatly retarded; as also when the Moon conjoins Saturn on its own South Node, or Saturn is rising, or in the Fourth House. Since the Moon rules Cancer, that regulates the inflow and outflow of the life-tides, and is exalted in Taurus, that controls the basic materials of which the Earth is compounded, and since both luminaries govern the tides of Earth and of the waters surrounding, it should be apparent how potent are the configurations of this nearest of the Earth's gravitational and radiating forces in the destiny of all living things. If the Ascendant is in a Sign of short ascension° – Capricorn to Gemini inclusive-and Mars afflicts, the elector places himself in no little jeopardy of some untoward accident, or outbreak of temper on the part of himself or another, which could seriously upset the matter in hand.
  8. When beginning a project presumed to be reasonably permanent, render it durable by placing the four Fixed Sign:s, and prefer- ably the '5th degree thereof, on the Angles of the Figure; or at least see that the Moon tenants one of them.
  9. See that your Election does not notably stimulate any serious affliction in the Nativity; that the Moon is strong and well placed and that neither the Moon nor the Angles in the Nativity are afflicted by the more important electional positions. The natal House that disposes of the project for which the Election is cast should be well fortified, and care should be exercised to see that its Ruler is strong, well placed and unafflicted.
  10. If the project is a financial one, the cusp of the radical Second House and its Ruler should be fortified by good aspects, as also the corresponding position and planet in the Election.
  11. It is desirable to place the Lord of the radical Ascendant in an Angle, or at least in a Succedent House, in the Election, and oriental to the Sun, whether the planet be benefic or malefic, thereby avoiding its placement in a cadent House or an occidental position, which would be particularly undesirable if it conjoins the Moon.
  12. A malefic that rules the radical Ascendant may be made use of in the Election, since it is not harmful to the person whose Ruler it is.

When the Nativity is unobtainable, the cautions relating thereto must of necessity be disregarded. In the literature of Horary Astrology and Elections are to be found many aphorisms relating to the subject, for which reference may be had to the works of Ptolemy, Guido Bonatus, Cardan, William Lilly, A. J. Pearse and Dr. Broughton, including Ramesey's "Rules for Electing Times for all Manner of Works," contained in his Astrology Restored (edition of 1653), to be consulted in a few of the libraries.

To cast thoroughly sound Electional Figures one should first master the rules of Horary Art; then develop it by recurrent practice in casting Electional Schemes for one imaginary project after another. To perform this successfully necessitates the memorization of lists of the various ventures and commodities falling within the province of each planet; such as that: the Sun disposes of business, professional and social preferment, and rules games, hobbies and certain classes of investments; the Moon disposes of those matters in which permanency is not desired, and favors dealings with women and servants, and concerning domestic affairs; Mercury disposes of travel, messages, writing, mail, and the ephemeral type of publications; and so on for the remaining planets, as listed in any good text-book on Electional Astrology.

When an elector lacks a sufficient knowledge of astro-dynamics to enable him accurately to cast the Figure whereby to select a suitable moment, the next best substitute is to consult the aspectarian in any good ephemeris, and begin operations just prior to the formation of a good lunar aspect. Another resort is to refer to a Planetary Hour Table calculated to latitude, and select the middle of a Jupiter hour.



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