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Draconic Chart [Astro*Index]

A chart using the draconic zodiac in which the moon's ascending node becomes the zero point or "draconic equinox." Tropical positions are converted to draconic positions by subtracting the longitude of the moon's north node from each planet. Some astrologers keep the natal house cusps, others use an equal house system from the node, and other calculate a set of draconic house cusps using a cusp-minus-node. There will not be much difference between tropical and draconic measurements in a chart where the north lunar node is near 0° Aries. Pamela Crane sights a distinction between the meaning of the vernal point as objective path and the draconic equinox as subjective path.

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Draconic Chart [Prima]

The Draconic Zodiac has its beginning at the Moon's North Node ("Dragon's Head"). In this case the Node becomes the Aries Point. Planetary and house cusps positions are measured from the Node. New coordinates can be obtained by subtracting the position of Tropical Moon's North Node from standard ecliptic longitudes.

A Draconic chart is thought to offer a clearer, more objective (in the sense of being free of psychologi- cal complexities) picture. It is a transition from body-centeredness to soul-centeredness, from everyday activities to a soul mission, from immediacy to dis- tant history, roots and sources. Access: hot-key D

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Draconic Month [Astro*Index]

The nodal month or time it takes the Moon to return to a node: 27.21222 days or 27d05h05m36s.

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Draconic Zodiac [Astro*Index]

A zodiac in which the moon's north node is beginning point; what 0° Aries or the vernal point is to the tropical zodiac, the moon's north node or is to the draconic zodiac.

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