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3 articles for "Dissociate"

Dissociate Aspect [Astro*Index]

Also called out-of-sign aspect.

An aspect within orb but in signs that do not have the same geometric relationship as the planets.

For example: Venus at 29° Gemini and Mars at 3° Capricorn; Venus and Mars are in opposition, though Gemini and Capricorn are disjunct signs.

See also:
♦ Aspect
Dissociate Signs [Astro*Index]

Signs adjacent or five signs apart (related by semisextile or quincunx). Signs in this position do not form any of the major aspects, unless it is an out-of-sign or dissociate aspect.

See also:
♦ Major Aspect
Dissociate Signs [DeVore]

Adjacent Signs and those that are five Signs apart: those which bear to each other a 12th, 2nd, 6th or 8th House relationship. v. Inconjunct.

See also:
♦ Inconjunct


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