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Destiny [DeVore]

The end to which all unrestrained forces lead. The aim of most religions, including Astrology, is to help one to become the master of his Destiny. Lacking this mastery, Destiny largely determines the part we play in the scheme of things. Destiny vs. Will adds up to experience, as a result of which we can be said to evolve, and become a developed or remain an undeveloped child of Destiny. The shrinking statue of the character Destiny from scene to scene in Maeterlinck's "Betrothal" was symbolic of the diminishing power of Destiny as man evolves in character through the experience of the will and as the fruit of experience. The Consciousness of Purpose, which is a fundamental of MacDougan's system of Psychology, compares to the Astrological sense of Destiny that is imparted through the sign position of the Sun. The individual feels but fails to identify that Destiny until after a long search he "finds himself" -- his place in life. But the demand for self-expression through that Destiny is the driving and sustaining conviction that spurs his search until he does find it. It is well described in Browning's "Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came." The search for self-expression is hampered or helped: by the desire nature, determined by the Moon position; and by emotional urges conditioned by the positions and aspects of the planets which deliver by reflection an altered solar spectum, consisting of combinations of energy frequencies. These stimulate the unequal development of the endocrine glands which results in the state of glandular imbalance that is now recognized as the cause of so many mental and emotional complexes and physical ills.



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