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4 articles for "Descending"

Descending [Astro*Index]

Crossing below the Western horizon.

See also:
♦ Horizon
Descending [DeVore]

Said of a planet in any house from the Fourth to the Ninth. While one may speak of a body as "setting" when it passes below the Western horizon, it is "descending" from the time it passes the Midheaven until it reaches the opposite point, or Imum Coeli.


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♦ Descension ♦ Midheaven ♦ Imum Coeli
Descending Node [Astro*Index]

Also called the south node, the point where a planet's orbit crosses the orbital plane of another plane from north to south with the motion of the planet.

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♦ Node ♦ LunarNode ♦ Ascending Node
Descending Node [Munkasey M.]

Another term for the "South Node". See: "Node"

See also:
♦ Node ♦ LunarNode ♦ Ascending Node


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