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Delineation [Astro*Index]

To explain or interpret a horoscope.

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Delineation [DeVore]

(1) Applied to the generally accepted composite interpretation of specific influences, such as a planet's position in a Sign or House, an aspect between two planets, or a configuration of planets;

(2) Sometimes applied to the interpretation of the Figure as a whole, but such a summing up is more properly termed a synthesis. (q.v.)

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Delineation, Inside-Outside Theory of [Astro*Index]

A theory of astrological delineation by Gary Duncan in which each planet is assigned intrinsic qualities that are not altered by the quality of aspects. The effects of an Inside planet are made to correspond to the effects of an Outside planet. Thus a mnemonic aid is presented that serves to reduce the complexity otherwise present in standard texts on delineation. Interactions between pairs of planets (natal vs. transit) are treated as the first application of the Inside-Outside Theory. Natal (inside) and transit (outside) pairs can also be used. The theory can also be extended to chart comparison, in which one individual is considered the "inside" and the other the "outside" influence.

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