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Decan [Astro*Index]

Also Decanate.

One part of a sign divided evenly into thirds, or 10°. One system, also called face, assigns decan rulers using the Chaldean order or planets beginning with Mars ruling 0°-10° Aries. Another system, also called the Hindu system, assigns decan rulers based on triplicity, the first 10° of a sign ruled by the its main ruler (0°-10° Aries/Mars), the second 10° of a sign ruled by the ruler of the sign next trine in the order of signs (10°-20° Aries/Sun), and the last third by the ruler of the remaining trine sign (20°-30° Aries/Jupiter).

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Decanate [Prima]

Also Decan.

The division of the signs of the zodiac by three -- resulting in 36 segments of 10° each.

In the Hindu division of each sign into three decans, the rulers ascribed to the three segments are the rulers of the three signs of the same element as the divided sign.

In the Chaldean division of each sign into three 10° faces, the rulers ascribed to the 36 segments start with Mars ruling the first Face of Aries and then proceed with repetitions of the Chaldean order of planets.

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Decanate [DeVore]

Also Decan.

A term applied to a subdivision of Sign into 10° arcs, referred to as the first, second and third decanates or decans. The interpretation of Decans is based upon a system of rulerships, of which there are two in common use. One method ascribed Mars to the first Decan of Aries and thence carried a fixed series throughout the 36 Decans, ending again with Mars ruling the third Decan of Pisces. The series is Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury, Moon, Saturn, Jupiter; as follows:

First Decan   Second Decan   Third Decan  
Aries     Mars   Sun   Venus
Taurus     Mercury   Moon   Saturn
Gemini     Jupiter   Mars   Sun
Cancer     Venus   Mercury   Moon
Leo     Saturn   Jupiter   Mars
Virgo     Sun   Venus   Mercury
Libra     Moon   Saturn   Jupiter
Scorpio     Mars   Sun   Venus
Sagittarius     Mercury   Moon   Saturn
Capricorn     Jupiter   Mars   Sun
Aquarius     Venus   Mercury   Moon
Pisces   S   aturn   Jupiter   Mars

The other method employs the Ruler of the Sign as specifically the Ruler of the First Decan, with the Second and Third Decans associated with the Rulers of the other two Signs of the same triplicity. Thus the First or Aries Decan of Aries is ruled by Mars; the Second or Leo Decan, by the Sun; and the Third or Sagittarian Decan, by Jupiter. This gives this series:

Aries   MarsSunJupiter
Taurus   VenusMercurySaturn
. . . and so on.


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