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Death, Reading it in the Horoscope [Astro*Index]

Robson states seven aphorisms of death, albeit most astrologers are reluctant to interpret death in a horoscope.

The aphorisms have more relevance to horary charts:

  1. A planet exactly on the 7th cusp in the sign that it rules will indicates the nature of death.
  2. Angular Mars or Saturn describes a public death.
  3. 12th house Saturn and/or 8th house Venus describes early death or suicide.
  4. Mars or Saturn in the 12th house, with the other in the 6th house and the ruler of the ascendant in the 8th house in hard aspect to either describes death by secret enemies.
  5. Mercury in the 6th house may describes death involving incarceration.
  6. Rulers in Earth signs describe death in prison, starvationk or poison.
  7. The ruler of the 8th house weak (by dignity) and in hard aspect to Saturn or Mars in water signs describes death by poison.


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