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Con-Significator [Astro*Index]

Planets or signs which are thought to have natural affinities for particular houses; not to be confused with con-significator. Sign con-significators survived in modern astrology as "natural houses": Aries, 1st house; Taurus, 2nd house and so on. In another scheme, the Chaldean order of planets was ascribed to houses beginning with Saturn in the first.

Signs and planets Con-Significators are as follows:


1stAries       Saturn
2ndTaurus       Jupiter
3rdGemini       Mars
4thCancer       Sun
5thLeo       Venus
6thVirgo       Mercury
7thLibra       Moon
8thScoprio       Saturn
9thSagittarius       Jupiter
10thCapricorn       Mars
11thAquarius       Sun
12thPisces       Venus


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