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Commanding Sign [Astro*Index]

Also called northern sign or boreal signs (from Boreus, the north wind); opposite of obedient or obeying signs. Commanding and obeying signs are mirror images across the Aries/Libra equinoctial axis and the opposite of beholding signs. Commanding/obeying degree pairs have opposite ecliptic declination; planets with opposite declination but latitude are not mirror images by ecliptic longitude. The concept survives in modern astrology as contraparallel aspects.

The same signs are always paired together:
        Gemini/ Aquarius

Commanding and obeying degrees are called contra-antiscia.

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Commanding Sign [DeVore]

Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, and Virgo, because they were deemed more powerful by virtue of their nearness to the zenith. The assumption that these command while the other six obey is hardly warranted, even for this reason — since the Earth is actually at the opposite end of each polarity. Actually they might with more reason be termed the "demanding" signs, with Libra to Pisces termed "commanding" signs, with much the same meaning as that contained in the aphorism that "One does not demand respect: he commands it." v. Northern Signs.

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