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Ceres [Astro*Index]

From Ceres, the Greek Earth goddess (Demeter), mother of Persephone. Also the root of the word cereal, "of grain." Largest of the asteroids, discovered in l801 by Piazzi. Astrological associations are fertility and nourishment. Being connected with Mother Earth and Mother Nature, it signifies the quality of care, concern, kindness, and service to others. She is a source of the knowledge of agriculture and has a domesticating influence. The glyph for Ceres is a sickle.

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Ceres [Prima]

The glyph for Ceres is a sickle.

Largest of the asteroids; Ceres was discovered in 1801 by Piazzi. The name comes from the Greek "kore," meaning "maiden," and is the Roman equivalent for the Greek Earth goddess Demeter, who grieved and finally withheld the bounty of the harvest when her daughter Persephone was abducted by Hades, lord of the underworld.

Keywords:   nourishing love, or lack of
adoption, abortion
motherhood and motherliness
custody battles
grief and loss
child care
unwed mothers
child separation
peaceful protest
custody battles
labor strikes


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Ceres [DeVore]

(1) Daughter of Ops and Saturn; a Roman goddess of growing vegetation, particularly corn. Her day of celebration occurred on April 19th.

(2) The first of the Asteroids (q.v.) to be discovered.

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