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3 articles for "Caput"

Caput Algol [Astro*Index]

The Medussa's Head. A fixed star, beta Persei; a companion star circles it in 69 hours causing 9-hour occultations as viewed from the Earth and variations in brightness. Treated as a malefic and used mostly in horary, electional, and mundane astrology. Figuratively signifies decapitation ("losing one's head"). Caput Algol represents the snake-haired Gorgon whom Perseus beheaded using a mirror, symbolizing cleverness.

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Caput Draconis [Astro*Index]

Head of the dragon; the north, or ascending, node of the Moon; signifies resources, application point, or vocation.

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♦ Cauda Draconis ♦ Node
Caput Draconis [DeVore]

The Dragon's Head. v. Moon's Node.

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♦ Cauda Draconis ♦ Nodes, Moon's


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