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Business Chart [Astro*Index]

A chart case for the incorporation or beginning of a business and characterizing the company.

The following list of house and planet meanings specific to business is from Scofield:

1stThe organization itself; the attitude of the personnel. Rising planets are often descriptive of the company as a whole. Mars would make for a forceful, competitive business; Jupiter shows travel and shipping play prominent roles; Pluto might symbolizes changes in ownership or deep changes in the structure of the company.
2ndBudget, assets, earning and purchasing power; people in the company handling money.
3rdTelephone and communication systems; transportation factors.
4thThe physical plant, office, or property; investments in land.
5thThe product of the business; benefits such as gyms or in-house daycare; human resources development; company sponsored entertainment; speculation activities.
6thlabor unions; health of employees (sick days, etc.); scheduling changes.
7thMergers, agreements, competition; public and peer sentiments.
8thLoans, debts, and joint financial projects; any financial ramifications of death.
9thThe company's advertising, travel activities, legal affairs, educational programs, and any publishing it might do or contract.
10thThe announced objectives; boss and management; company's reputation and status.
11thAdvisory groups, company policy; company sponsored social activity; associations.
12thDealings with institutions, errors and misgivings, intelligence gathering, secret activities.


MoonMatters related to the house where the moon is positioned or has rulership tend to be unclear or even irrational; this house may symbolize the weakest or most sensitive area of the business.
MercuryEfficiency or inefficiency of the house it occupies or rules, depending on its aspects.
VenusBodes well for matters of the house it occupies or rules, but is not usually enough in itself to bring the desired effects.
SunThe house the sun occupies or rules represents a focus of the business and should be faced squarely in order for the business to succeed.
MarsAn important planet in the business chart, accounting for initiative and competitiveness. Angular Mars tends toward accomplishment.
JupiterUnless very poorly aspects, Jupiter almost always bodes well for matters of the house it occupies or rules. It also symbolized transportation or legal involvement with those matters.
SaturnProblems, restrictions, and limitations – often brought about by those in authority or by government – concerning the matters of the house Saturn occupies or rules. Careful organization is required to face these matters successfully.
UranusErraticism, independence, or advanced methods concerning matters of the house Uranus occupies or rules.
NeptuneSimilar to the moon's influence. Matters of the house Neptune occupies or rules are often founded in some kind of deep rooted ideology.
PlutoCrisis conditions and contentiousness are most prevalent concerning matters of the house Pluto occupies or rules; sharing is both a problem and a solution.


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