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Astral Body [DeVore]

In occult terminology a replica of the physical body, but more subtle and tenuous. It penetrates every nerve, fibre and cell of the physical organism and is constantly in a supersensitive state of oscillation and pulsation. The psychic faculty within the astral body is impressionable to extra-sensory vibrations. The astrological concept is that of a magnetic field wherein the individual does most of his thinking, and from which he draws impressions by way of interpreting changes in the field due to cosmic radiation.

Astral Light [DeVore]

In occult terminology, the invisible region that surrounds the Earth, perceived by those who are psychically developed. Within its realm is recorded every condition, event or circumstance – past, present and future. It is called the "great terrestrial crucible," in which everything is resolved and perpetuated. The psychically gifted behold there, in panoramic detail, the histories of nations and individuals, and are able to reveal coming events by what they see mirrored on the astral screen. It has been spoken of as the Mercury of Nature.

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Astral Projection [DeVore]

In occult terminology, the partial or complete separation of the astral body from the physical body, and visiting another locality, near or far. This occurs in sleep – though, as a general rule, one does not recall the experience on waking. The adept can command his astral body to go any place he desires in order to make observations and investigations, and acquire essential information. Some dreams are the result of such travel episodes.

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