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Arabian Points, or Parts [DeVore]

Of the so-called Arabian Points, Fortuna, or the Part of Fortune, is the best known to modern astrologers, although its full significance is not generally realized. These Points tend to show that the Arabians understood the value of the Solar Houses — those based upon the Sun's degree as the Ascendant, thence erecting twelve Houses consisting of successive thirty degree arcs. If any Figure be revolved to the point where the Sun's degree is on the Ascendant the Moon's position will coincide with the geocentric House position of Fortune; Mercury to the Point of Commerce; Venus to the Point of Love; and so on. Instead of revolving the Figure the Arabians gave rules whereby these planetary House-positions could be inserted in a Figure based on a birth-moment. Thus the Scheme showed each planet in two House-positions: one based on its relation to a rising degree, the other on its relation to the Sun itself. Naturally the rules for computing these locations infer a knowledge of the correct birth-moment. However, it is incorrect to assume that these points cannot be utilized when the birth-moment is unknown. On the contrary, a Figure erected with Aries 0° as an Ascendant can be more comprehensively interpreted by the use of most of the Arabian Points than in perhaps any other way. The so-called Solar Equilibrium system is entirely based upon the Arabian concepts. To utilize these Points without a known ascendant degree cast a Figure with Aries 0° as an Ascendant and proceed as follows:

Revolve the Figure until the Sun's degree is on the Ascendant, then divide it into Houses consisting of successive 30° arcs from that degree.

The Moon's position is the Part of Fortune and shows the lunar influence in shaping adult individuality and destiny, just as the Moon's relation to the rising degree shows the lunar influence upon the personality and the physical development of the early years.

Mercury's position is the Caduceus, or Point of Commerce.

Venus' position is the Heart, or Point of Love.

Mars' position is the Sword, or Point of Passion.

Jupiter's position is the Pomegranate, or Point of Increase.

Saturn's position is the Hour Glass, or Point of Fatality. This Point is also known as the Point of Love of Brethren, indicating those for whom one feels a sense of responsibility.

Uranus' position is the Lightning Flash, or Point of Catastrophe.

Neptune's position is the Trident, or Point of Treachery.

Pluto's position is the Gavel, or Point of Organization. (The last three are modern applications to utilize the three planets of modern discovery.)


Now revolve the Figure until the Moon's degree is on the Ascendant and continue.

The Sun's position is the Point of Spirit.

Mercury's position is the Point of Faith.

Venus' position is the Point of Female Children.

Jupiter's position is the Point of Male Children.

It is worthy of note that Mars and Saturn bore no relation to matters which come under the influence of the Moon.


With the Sun on the Ascendant, locate a point as far distant in a converse direction, as the Moon is distant in the order of the Signs. This is the Point of Spirit. Advance the Point of Spirit to the Ascendant and the Moon position becomes the Point of Merchandise.


Placing the Moon's dispositor — the Ruler of the Sign in which the Moon is posited — at the Ascendant, the Moon becomes the Point of Bondage.


Insert the position of the Lunation or Full Moon next preceding the day of birth, and place that on the Ascendant, and the Moon position locates the Point of Life.


Taking the Mercury position as an Ascendant, the Moon position is the Point of Servants.

Mars' position is the Point of Understanding.


Taking the Venus position as an Ascendant, the Moon position is the Point of the Mother.

Saturn's position is the Point of Fortune in Husbandry.


Taking the Mars position as the Ascendant, the Venus position is the Point of Plays.

Jupiter's position is the Point of Discord.


Taking the Saturn position as an Ascendant, the Sun position is the Point of the Father.

Moon position is the Point of Magistery and Possessions or the Point of Inheritance.

Mars' position is the Point of Sickness.

Jupiter's position is the Point of Brothers and Sisters.

Cancer 15° is the Point of Journeys by Water.

(Instead of rotating the chart, it is equally practicable to locate the Point of the Father, for example, by computing the arc from Saturn to the Sun, and if this is a 40° separation, say "The Sun is in a Second House position to Saturn, hence the Point of the Father is in the Second House.")


If you have an hour of birth from which to compute a Rising degree, mark the cusps on the circumference of the Figure and consider these additional Points:

With the Lord of the Second House as an Ascendant, consider the altered House-position of the cusps of the Second House. This is the Point of Goods.

With the Lord of the Ninth House as an Ascendant, consider the altered House-position of the cusp of the Ninth House. This is the Point of Travel by Land.

With the Lord of the Twelfth House as an Ascendant, consider the altered House-position of the cusp of the Twelfth House. This is the Point of Private Enemies.


With the Moon as an Ascendant, the cusp of the Eighth House becomes the Point of Death: the point where experience must crystallize into either regeneration or disintegration.


If the birth was at night, with the Sun below the Horizon, in Houses I to VII, put Jupiter on the Ascendant, and consider the House-position of Saturn as the Point of Brethren.


With the Venus-degree on the Ascendant, the cusp of the Seventh House is the Point of Marriage. Marc Jones suggests that with the cusp of the Seventh as an Ascendant, the Venus-position might be taken as the Point of Divorce.


With Saturn on the Horizon, the position of the Lord of the Eighth House is the Point of the "Most Perilous Year."


Finally, for the Point of Honorable and Illustrious Acquaintances, apply the Sun-Fortuna arc of the Geocentric Figure to a Solar Figure as follows:

If a night birth, usc the Sun as an Ascendant and consider the House-position of Fortuna. If a day birth, use Fortuna as Ascendant, and consider the House-position of the Sun.


The Point of the Father appears to be the Point of Sudden Advancement, except that if Saturn be combust Jupiter is to be taken as the Ascendant in considering the House-position of the Sun. The passing of the progressed Moon over the sensitive point in the radical Figure indicated by the Part of Fortune is supposed to stimulate all matters having to do with worldly possessions. It is generally supposed that it is also affected by aspects to this point — according to the nature of the aspect, and of the aspecting body. This point is not commonly progressed, but Sepharial suggests that research might possibly show that the continuous adjustment of the point in its relationship to the Ascendant to accord with the changing relationship of the progressed Lights, would be productive of tangible results.


All these points are susceptible to stimulation or accent by Lunations, Full Moons, and Eclipses on these degrees, and by transit or progression of the planets over the arcs in which they are located. In short they represent just that many added points of sensitivity and receptivity.


For consideration in that connection, the traditional formulae for the locating of these points in the Geocentric, or birth-hour, Figure are as follows:

Fortuna: Asc plus Moon minus Sun.
Commerce: Asc plus Mercury minus Sun.
Love: Asc plus Venus minus Sun.
Passion: Asc plus Mars minus Sun.
Increase: Asc plus Jupiter minus Sun.
Fatality: Asc plus Saturn minus Sun.
Catastrophe: Asc plus Uranus minus Sun.
Treachery: Asc plus Neptune minus Sun.
Organization: Asc plus Pluto minus Sun.
Spirit: Asc plus Sun minus Moon.
Faith: Asc plus Mercury minus Moon.
Female Children: Asc plus Venus minus Moon.
Male Children: Asc plus Jupiter minus Moon.
Merchandise: Asc plus Fortuna minus Spirit. (Also Sorrow and Imprisonment)
Bondage: Asc plus Moon minus dispositor of Moon.
Life: Asc plus Moon minus Lunation or Full Moon next before birth.
Servants: Asc plus Moon minus Mercury,
Understanding: Asc plus Mars minus Mercury.
Mother: Asc plus Moon minus Venus. (Also Friends.)
Fortune in Husbandry: Asc plus Saturn minus Venus.
Play: Asc plus Venus minus Mars.
Discord: Asc plus Jupiter minus Mars.
Father: Asc plus Sun minus Saturn.
Inheritance: Asc plus Moon minus Saturn. (Also Magistery and Possessions.)
Sickness: Asc plus Mars minus Saturn.
Brothers and Sisters: Asc plus Jupiter minus Saturn.
Journeys by Water: Asc plus Cancer 150 minus Saturn.
Goods: Asc plus cusp of Second House minus Lord of Second.
Travel by Land: Asc plus cusp of Ninth House minus Lord of Ninth.
Private Enemies: Asc plus cusp of Twelfth House minus Lord of Twelfth.
Death: Asc plus cusp of Eighth House minus Moon.
Brethren: In a day-birth: Asc plus Jupiter minus Saturn.
In a night-birth: Asc plus Saturn minus Jupiter.
Marriage: Asc plus cusp of Seventh House minus Venus.
Divorce: Asc plus Venus minus cusp of Seventh.
Most Perilous Year: Asc plus Lord of Eighth minus Saturn.
Honorable and Illustrious Acquaintances: In a day-birth: Asc plus Sun minus Fortuna. In a night-birth: Asc plus Fortuna minus Sun.
Sudden Advancement: Asc plus Sun minus Saturn.
                                     Or if Saturn be combust, use Jupiter.


There are other points or parts, both of ancient and modern origin, many of them seemingly based on the idea that should you have a good horse there need be no fear of riding him to death. For example, there is the Point of Honor: In a day-birth: Asc plus Aries 19° minus Sun. In a night-birth: Asc minus Taurus 3° minus Moon.

To make clear the calculations incidental to the application of these formulae the following illustration is given:


Presume an Ascendant-degree of 15° Pisces, a Sun-degree of 28° Taurus, and a Moon-degree of 23° Gemini. Reduce these to signs and degrees as follows: The Ascendant degree is eleven Signs plus 15°; the Sun is is plus 28°; the Moon is 2s plus 23°. Then

To Ascendant11s 15°
Add Moon's position2s 23°
13s 38'
And subtract Sun's position1s 28°
12s 10°
Subtract the circle12s      
Fortune's degree is0s 10° or 10° Aries.


To verify, note that the Moon is 25° distant from the Sun, and that Fortuna at 10° Aries is also distant from the Ascendant at 15° Pisces, by 25°. Similarly, by substituting any planet's position for that of the Moon.


Without any of this calculation it is possible at a glance to note that this Moon-position would fall in the First Solar House; therefore Fortuna will tenant the First House of the Geocentric or Birth Figure. The directing of the Ascendant to Fortuna will coincide with the directing of the Sun to the Moon's radical position. Major transits to the Moon will be operative in one sense through the Sign and House of the Moon, and in another sense through the House-position of Fortuna-which is only another way of saying the Moon's Solar-House position.


These points are employed as longitudinal degrees along the Ecliptic; not as bodies having latitude and declination. Their chief value is as indicative of the Solar-House positions through which planetary influences will operate psychologically in a mature and developed individuality — one which has arrived at a realization and acceptance of the destiny imposed by virtue of the radical Sun-position, rather than that of a Rising Sign which largely determines the physical development in early life.


To arrive at a thorough interpretation of directions to and transits over the degree held by an Arabian Point these should be synthesized with those over the planet from which the Point is derived. According to Sepharial "Ptolemy borrowed the symbol of Fortuna from the Arabs but applied to it his own reasoning, while Placidus, in an attempt to deal with it mathematically, improved it out of existence."

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