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Applying [Munkasey M.]

Said of an aspect where the aspect angle is decreasing inorb toward the exactness of an aspect'.

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Applying Aspect [Astro*Index]

Said of two planets, the faster of which is moving toward am aspect with the second. The planets may be both direct, both retrograde, or the faster retrograde while the slower is direct. Slower planets cannot apply to faster planets.

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Applying Aspect [Prima]

The movement of a planet toward the formation of an exact aspect with another planet, house cusp, or sensitive point. The motion of both planets may be direct, one direct and the other retrograde, or both retrograde. The faster planet, regardless of direction of motion, is said to "casts its rays" to aspect the slower one.

William Lilly states that retrograde involvement produces "an ill Application." Two retrograde planets make "an argument either suddenly perfecting, or breaking off the business," whereas one retrograde planet "in the Ayre shewes great change; in a Question of sudden alteration."

In natal astrology, applying aspects are traditionally given more strength than separating aspects. These natal aspects move closer to exact through progressions over a lifetime.

Applying aspects are the opposite of separating aspects.

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