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Our Natal Sun Sign's Meaning Date Published: by Bil Tierney
Bio: Bil Tierney

Bil Tierney has been certified and licensed for professional astrology since 1972. He has written two books, including Dynamics of Aspect Analysis, and has written several articles for astro-journals and newsletters. Bil has lectured and given workshops across the USA and Canada. He has just completed a new book about Saturn.

Dynamics of Aspect Analysis is all about aspects and aspect configurations (T-Squares, Yods, Mystic Rectangles), plus excellent information about retrograde planets, unaspected planets, and more. Dynamics of Aspect Analysis is recognized as a unique source of ideas found nowhere else in astrology. Bil's clarity and precision make this a classic appreciated by beginners and professionals alike. It is published by CRCS Publications, and retails for $13.95. It is a 277 page soft bound edition (first published in 1983), and is now published in five languages.



What does the Sun actually mean in our chart? The older books would say the Sun represents our "individuality" (and the Moon our "personality"). But true individualism may be more a matter of gutsy Uranus. Saturn even ties in with individuality regarding our feelings of being separate and apart from others, and consciously contained within the boundaries of our own skin. But if anything, the individuality implied by the Sun might be better described as our soul "essence" or the inner core of our being. It symbolizes the driving force behind all our active expression as we develop our humanness during a life span.

One thing that needs to be clarified is this: our Sun sign traits are not instinctual. Our solar "essence," although the centering force of our aliveness, nevertheless needs to emerge and be made consciously aware of if we are to turn this potent energy into an optimal life resource. We thus need to attract experiences and people that foster the growth and value of our Sun sign/house. Aspects to our Sun give us clues regarding the coloration this unfoldments takes (with conjunctions, squares, and oppositions being more definitive in this regard).

Until then, we tend to exist "off-centered" from our radiant core-being and often find ourselves lacking a sense of true purposefulness (haven't we occasionally run across those disorganized Virgos, unexpressive Geminis, blabbermouth Scorpios, loner Aquarians, etc.?) It is as if we fail to feed ourselves the proper solar power needed to enliven our potential for wholeness. And for greatness. While Saturn protects the ego from losing its structure and boundaries, the Sun is the ego's need to shine forth with a high degree of self-assurance and unwavering confidence, sometimes spilling out beyond Saturn's boundaries.

As low self-esteem seems to be of near epidemic proportions in our current society (according to the ongoing testimonies of TV talk-show panelists/audiences ), a well-managed natal Sun might be one antidote (plugging into positive, self-celebrating Jupiter consciousness also helps). For one thing, our personal ego-drives need to be recognized, valued, and supported. Ego is not something "bad" from the solar perspective. And for those on the transcendental path (to paraphrase the late Isabel Hickey): you first have to have an ego before you can let go of or surrender an ego to a Higher Consciousness. Cultivating balanced ego-drives is a challenge for all of us. Here is where our Sun sign gives us clues as to what behavioral attittudes need our utmost attention. Embracing these traits will help us on our quest for completeness.

It seems we don't begin to get a clear handle on our Sun sign traits and how to best utilize them until after the age of 30 (perhaps due to the major ego tune-up we experience during our Saturn Return). Traits that have always been with us since birth now seem to require sharper focus and direction. At this transitional age, we are psychologically on our own, compelled to evoke our solar identity in ways that put the stamp of our "individuality" upon everything we do. This explains why many of us were not behaving like our Sun sign during our childhood years (a time when the Moon sign's characteristics held greater influence).

In some manner, the Sun sign's theme is similar to that of the North node: both push for our future growth. Both present us with qualities we need to consciously unfold and incorporate into our total make-up. Both promise us rewards of self-validation and wholeness (especially when we learn to skillfully unite the finer attributes of the sign involved and its polar opposite). However, the Sun carries the theme of conscious volition, whereas the North Node is less conscious and somewhat fate-oriented in its operation.

The Moon's natal condition is to serve as excellent back-up support for the Sun's central life mission.

The Moon's natal condition, however, is to serve as excellent back-up support for the Sun's central life mission. We are not helped by abandoning our lunar qualities in favor of strictly our solar facets (plus we couldn't anyway, due to how deeply ingrained they are within us). See if you can define how your natal Moon can be conducive (by its sign/house, at least) to your solar objectives (and here's were establishing the common denominators between the placements of these two planets might prove helpful). You need to establish some kind of linkage between these planets. Maybe studying material about the phase of the lunation cycle you were born during might illuminate the issue.

I guess I've written all this to remind both new students and veteran pros alike that, while we learn Astrology to get away from Sun sign generalities, we need to periodically come back to our natal Sun and ask ourselves if we are truly making progress with the basic life orientation it symbolizes. This is, after all, the heartbeat of our chart--a very vital area of soul validation for us. Self-pride and self-approval here only help to upgrade our expanding perception of ourselves. And with that special self-awareness comes a life worth living to its fullest measure.

So please, don't dump on your Sun sign. Instead get in touch with its more honorable traits, its basic integrity. And even learn to eagerly embrace your annual birthday (the complaints "oh, don't remind me I'm getting a year older today" or "I hate birthdays!" are examples of negative Saturnism, raining on the Sun's festive parade). Your Sun's natal return is a time of personal renewal; learn to make it a joyous and heartfelt one! So blow out those candles and make that wish! For it is a well-managed birthday Sun that proclaims "I'm not just getting older today...I'm getting better at this thing called Life. Bravo!"



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